Example - TCP echo server

  • Copy mongoose.c and mongoose.h to your build tree
  • Write code that uses the Mongoose API, e.g. in my_app.c
  • Compile application: $ cc my_app.c mongoose.c
#include "mongoose.h"  // Include Mongoose API definitions

// Define an event handler function
static void ev_handler(struct mg_connection *nc, int ev, void *ev_data) {
  struct mbuf *io = &nc->recv_mbuf;

  switch (ev) {
    case MG_EV_RECV:
      // This event handler implements simple TCP echo server
      mg_send(nc, io->buf, io->len);  // Echo received data back
      mbuf_remove(io, io->len);      // Discard data from recv buffer

int main(void) {
  struct mg_mgr mgr;

  mg_mgr_init(&mgr, NULL);  // Initialize event manager object

  // Note that many connections can be added to a single event manager
  // Connections can be created at any point, e.g. in event handler function
  mg_bind(&mgr, "1234", ev_handler);  // Create listening connection and add it to the event manager

  for (;;) {  // Start infinite event loop
    mg_mgr_poll(&mgr, 1000);

  return 0;