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Mongoose Embedded Web Server

Mongoose is an embedded networking library, which can turn anything into a web server in a matter of minutes and a few lines of C/C++ code. It is used to serve Web GUI on embedded devices, implement RESTful services, RPC frameworks (e.g. JSON-RPC), handle telemetry data exchange and perform many other tasks in various different industries including aerospace, manufacturing, finance, research, automotive, gaming and IT.

Mongoose IoT Platform

 Mongoose IoT Platform is a generic, hardware independent, full-stack IoT software platform. It solves problems of reliability, scalability, security and remote management which are common to all verticals, be industrial automation, healthcare, automotive, home automation or any other.

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The Cesanta blog gives you insights into our developers’ work. Here, they share how problems were solved, tutorials and best practice tips.
We also give our two cents worth on the Internet of Things industry and tell you about company news.
IoT Blog

Our design docs show a history of our engineering process and shed some light on how we develop Mongoose IoT Platform. This one is all about the visual design of the “on/off switch” control.  Read more...

by Marko Mikulicic
Dev Hub
 IoT Blog

Mongoose IoT Platform is growing. We get asked how we make decisions and the background to how we build Mongoose IoT Platform. So, over the coming months we will release our Design Docs.  Read more...

by Sergey Lyubka
Dev Hub
IoT Blog

Mongoose Embedded Web Server is back with this quarter's release: 6.5. As always, we have taken your suggestions and feedback to improve Mongoose on board, and hope you like the new functions. Read more...

by Deomid Ryabkov
Web Server Hub, Dev Hub
IoT Blog

In this post, I am going to show you how to use timers with Mongoose. As always, the full source code of this example is available on Github Read more...

by Sergey Lyubka
Web Server Hub, Dev Hub
 IoT Blog

Mongoose is known as one of the best embedded web servers currently available. Its functions range from WebSocket to MQTT and more.  Read more...

by Sergey Lyubka
Web Server Hub, Dev Hub
IoT Blog

In an industrial setting the Internet of Things is known as the Industrial Internet of Things. Here some of the most well-known example applications. Read more...

by Omer Keser
IoT Hub

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