Mongoose Binary Licensing
TL;DR Mongoose Binary Licensing - what you really need to know:

Okay, so most people don't read license agreements. We get it. But you do need to be aware that for Mongoose Binary there are clauses that define how it can be used and are legally binding. Just like you, we want to avoid any legal mess, so here the basics you really need to know:


1. Mongoose Binary FREE is for personal use only. No commercial application is allowed. 


2. PRO and PHP DEV versions may be used commercially. However, they can only be installed and used on the basis of one license per unique device (a desktop, notebook, netbook etc in the control of the licensee). You cannot distribute a solution that includes Mongoose Binary PRO or PHP DEV within your organisation or to your customers without acquiring a commercial license from Cesanta 


3. If you wish to distribute your own product or solution that includes Mongoose Binary, you need to contact us for a commercial distribution license. 

Use cases to illustrate how Mongoose Binary Licensing works

Binary Personal UsePersonal Use  

If you are a student or an engineer doing some diy-ing at home on a project, and this project is not commercial, you can use Mongoose Binary Free. 


Binary Commercial Use - No DistributionCommercial Use - No Distribution 

If you are an enginneer working on one device with Mongoose Binary in a commercial environment (freelance work for a client or withing any organisation), you need to purchase Mongoose Binary Pro or PHP Dev. 


Binary Commercial Use - With DistrubtionCommercial Use - With Distribution 

If you are an organisation looking to use Mongoose Binary within your business on multiple devices or include it in your end product and distribute it to others, then we need to talk. Using Mongoose Binary Pro or PHP Dev without buying a specific licence for distribution is not permitted.


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