#include "mg_dns_server.h"

=== DNS server API reference

Disabled by default; enable with -DMG_ENABLE_DNS_SERVER.

struct mg_dns_reply {
  struct mg_dns_message *msg;
  struct mbuf *io;
  size_t start;

struct mg_dns_reply mg_dns_create_reply(struct mbuf *io,
                                        struct mg_dns_message *msg);

Creates a DNS reply.

The reply will be based on an existing query message msg. The query body will be appended to the output buffer. "reply + recursion allowed" will be added to the message flags and the message's num_answers will be set to 0.

Answer records can be appended with mg_dns_send_reply or by lower level function defined in the DNS API.

In order to send a reply use mg_dns_send_reply. It's possible to use a connection's send buffer as reply buffer, and it will work for both UDP and TCP connections.


reply = mg_dns_create_reply(&nc->send_mbuf, msg);
for (i = 0; i < msg->num_questions; i++) {
  rr = &msg->questions[i];
  if (rr->rtype == MG_DNS_A_RECORD) {
    mg_dns_reply_record(&reply, rr, 3600, &dummy_ip_addr, 4);
mg_dns_send_reply(nc, &reply);

int mg_dns_reply_record(struct mg_dns_reply *reply,
                        struct mg_dns_resource_record *question,
                        const char *name, int rtype, int ttl, const void *rdata,
                        size_t rdata_len);

Appends a DNS reply record to the IO buffer and to the DNS message.

The message's num_answers field will be incremented. It's the caller's duty to ensure num_answers is properly initialised.

Returns -1 on error.

void mg_dns_send_reply(struct mg_connection *nc, struct mg_dns_reply *r);

Sends a DNS reply through a connection.

The DNS data is stored in an IO buffer pointed by reply structure in r. This function mutates the content of that buffer in order to ensure that the DNS header reflects the size and flags of the message, that might have been updated either with mg_dns_reply_record or by direct manipulation of r->message.

Once sent, the IO buffer will be trimmed unless the reply IO buffer is the connection's send buffer and the connection is not in UDP mode.