Platform Support Functionality
  Win Linux Mac VxWorks  eCOS QNX Basic Auth SSL/TLS https IPv6 WebSocket MQTT TCP UDP
EmbedThis / GoAhead
CivetWeb (*)            
Allegrosoft / RomPager            
  Unknown Yes No Partial

(*) Civetweb is an old Mongoose fork. Mongoose has evolved a lot since.

Customer feedback

As far as we know, there was not a single SCENE crash or bug that originated in the Mongoose code.
Manuel Caputo, Faro Scanner GmbH.

Manuel had compared a number of options including Civetweb, Libonion, Libwebsockets and Libmicrohttpd before settling on Mongoose for their SCENE product. He explains:

I built a prototype and Mongoose just fulfilled all the requirements best. The big influences on the decision were that Mongoose is in continuous development, offers simple integration and easy API. Paid vs free soon became a discussion around which solutions offer the most value. Mongoose clearly won here. ... And you can always fix problems on your own since everything is open source.