Dublin, May 18th, 2023 — Cesanta today announced release of Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library v.7.10.

Release Overview:

This release adds fixes and improvements, new examples, and improved support for STM32Cube and ARM Keil MDK.

Important Changes:

  • Introduced a lock-free queue for inter-process communications purposes. See https://github.com/cesanta/mongoose/tree/master/examples/multi-threaded . The back-to-back socket pipe mg_mkpipe() will be deprecated in Mongoose 7.11 release.
  • Proprietary extensions for mg_*printf() have been removed, only %m and %M remain. Former %Q, %A, etc. functionality is now handled by helper functions called via these extensions
  • Added support for user properties in MQTT
  • Added STM32H7 driver for built-in TCP/IP stack, with examples
  • Added RNDIS support for TM4C1294 with built-in TCP/IP stack
  • Makefiles now support development in Windows 10/11
  • Added support for ARM Compiler 6 in Keil MDK
  • Introduced many ARM Keil MDK examples for STM32F746
  • Introduced several STM32CubeIDE examples
  • Documentation has been integrated with tutorials at https://mongoose.ws/documentation/
  • Negative Content-Length header issue fixed

Minor changes:

  • Documentation fixes
  • OpenSSL TLS SNI bug fixed
  • content-length header in mg_http_reply() bug fixed
  • Print floating point number bug fixed
  • Bind IPv4 and IPv6 sockets on the same port bug fixed
  • UDP listener not working bug in built-in TCP/IP stack fixed
  • Content length issue fixed
  • Honor Accept-Encoding when serving .gz files
  • Improved error handling in MDK (RL) TCP/IP stack
  • Improved building of FreeRTOS+ TCP in supported platforms
  • Added support for 10Mbps and half-duplex in built-in embedded drivers
  • Embedded ARM MCU examples now use standard CMSIS headers
  • Added i.MX RT1020 driver for built-in TCP/IP stack
  • STM32F examples now use the RNG
  • Improved coverage tests

To contact: send us a message or ask on the developer forum.