We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose Web Server Library enabling a modern web interface and remote access for the “Swisson XND” - an Ethernet to DMX converter.

Swisson AG is based in Switzerland, and for almost two decades has been developing and manufacturing professional lighting, audio and multimedia equipment such as DMX splitters and mergers, products for wireless DMX transmission as well as Ethernet DMX nodes and Gigabit Ethernet switches.

Here is what Claudio Botta, Software Developer at Swisson AG says about Mongoose Web Server Library: "Mongoose library contains great out of the box support for the popular TCP/IP protocol suite, so the implementation of a modern web interface providing remote access to all of the features of our product was fairly easy. We are not aware of a single incident or bug report with our product that would involve the Mongoose library."

Read a full Swisson AG Case Study here.

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