We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose Web Server Library enabling a secure communication and  API implementation for Veethree’s “H1” - a generic CAN to TCP/IP gateway.

The Veethree Group is an alliance of companies, driven by common technologies and innovation. Today the group of companies has employees worldwide, with sites over four continents, serving hundreds of OEM customers.

Here is what Sam Edge, Software Engineer at Veethree Technologies says about Mongoose Web Server Library:

"Mongoose Web Server Library provides a lot of functionality in a very lightweight package. Mongoose integrated very quickly and we were able to get the services required to deliver and communicate with our web applications working very fast. The flexibility of the compile-time-configuration, the ability to build from a single C source file/header and its integration with the TCP/IP & TLS stacks we have chosen, made Mongoose a very good fit for this"

Read a full Veethree’s Case Study here.

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